Its all hands on deck for the National Youth Congress (NYC) as it works to revitalize its functions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

General Secretary Joseph Hika says one of his priorities is to ensure youths emerge stronger from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NYC is looking at ways to mobilize youths to address the effects the pandemic has on the country and especially our youths who make up the highest percentage of our demography.” Joseph Hika said.

He says the impacts COVID-19 has on the youths had been anticipated and will surely lead to unwanted social activities if their plights are not addressed.

“There is no doubt that our youths have a lot of creative ideas to work around this current situation, we hope to provide that space for them to work with it”, Hika said.

NYC over the past years was hosted under the Ministry of Women’s Youths, Children and Family Affairs and has faced a lot of challenges. It is now in the journey to be revitalized.

Recently the congress successfully acquired an office building to fully utilize its functions and will also house Youth At Work programs.

Many youth programs have been postponed or cancelled due to the measures enforced in the country during the State of emergency.

But NYC is already trying to see how it can ensure the youths come out of this ordeal stronger and better.

“Mobilizing our young people is important because they can also work with their communities," the General Secretary said.

The congress was established in in 1980 following the passage of the “White Paper” in Parliament. Registered under the Charitable Act, the Government through the White Paper stipulated the formation of the National Youth Congress to administer youth affairs.