Our Telekom Breeze GSM Mobile rural expansion has now reached the Island of Taro Island in the Northwest tip of Choiseul Province.

Our Telekom will launch the mobile service in Taro on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th September along with sales special on Mobile phones and SIM cards on both days.

Work on mobile service installation in Taro was completed on the 23rd of July this year. Our Telekom engineers have carried out coverage tests for Taro GSM Base Station with good reception within the Island of Taro and its surrounding areas.

Telekom Taro Station officer in charge, Mr. Martin Misi said the mobile network there is up and working well since it was installed.

"The availability of the mobile service makes communication much easier for the residents in Taro and the nearby communities. They do not have to come to the Telekom station to use the existing fixed public phones, they just stay at home and make calls whenever they want," Misi said.

"Many people are now using mobile phones and they are very happy about this new development," he added.

A senior project officer of Our Telekom, Mr. Patrick Kologeto said this is a break through for Solomon Telekom as we roll over the GSM mobile services to our most remote Islands. The Taro project was successful and a lot more installations are coming soon.

Our Telekom has continued expanding its Breeze GSM Mobile service this year by launching in Lata in June, Kirakira in July, Buala in August and now in Taro.

The next roll out will be in Seghe in the Western Province, Kia in Isabel and Afio in Malaita Province.

Press Release (Our Telekom)