The public has been told that only vaccinated individuals are allowed into town and have access to business and government services.

The oversight committee says this is to limit the spread of COVID-19 since the unvaccinated have a greater chance of getting sick and spreading the virus. We were told yesterday that the police will enforce this order. 

Today morning one of the vaccination sites has been set up in the middle of town, with the public encouraged to respect social distancing and wear a face mask while queuing for vaccination.

The other vaccination site is at the Kukum SDA Carpark area, targeting Vura 1,2,3 and Kukum SDA surrounding areas.

The unvaccinated are streaming into town to get vaccinated, with little respect for social distancing, although a good majority wore masks. The buses are still filled to the brim, and taxis are doing the same.

It is a challenge, trying to balance health measures while at the same time open up business. But what is needed is clear directions and messaging, if the unvaccinated are not allowed into town than set up vaccination in communities, as has been announced, so as to limit movement.

It is understood most of the vaccinators are currently infected due to communities not adhering to social distancing, it is not certain whether this has influenced the decision to return to town.

Messages in this time of crises must be consistent, the public must have some confidence that the government knows what it is doing in managing this health crises. 

The virus is spreading uncontrollably, and allowing mass movements into town will only make matters worse. But if it is herd immunity they are after, than all this starts to make sense.

Curfew has been extended from 8am to 5pm each day in Honiara's emergency zone.