The parents of a missing four-year-old girl from the Zion area are relieved to have their child, June safely returned home, after she reportedly squeezed through a window and wandered from her house around 5am last Saturday.

Intensive search efforts by family members and more than 40 RSIPF, Participating Police Force and RAMSI military personnel from the Combined Task Force had failed to find any sign of her whereabouts by late afternoon. Concerns for the little girl's safety were increasing as nightfall approached.

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force officers from the Borderline Police Post led search efforts after her family reported the four-year-old missing about lunchtime yesterday. The RSIPF later requested RAMSI PPF support and reinforcements to expand the search around the Borderline area.

Properties around the area were door-knocked, and line-searches conducted for any sign of the girl near her home. Members of the local community also helped Police by spreading the word that the four-year-old was missing.

A long day of worry for her parents and Police finally ended in a happy note around 5pm when the little girl walked through the door of her family home.

Police said the girl was seen wandering near the main road early in the morning by a local woman who took her into care for the day with her family. When they later heard about the search efforts for a child in the Zion area, she was taken home.

The girl's parents George and Diana and other family members sincerely thanked Police for all their help and efforts with the search. One thing is certain - they will make it much harder for June to squeeze out of any windows to go walkabout again.

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