Marist FC's coach, Patrick Miniti, was very disappointed with the way the referee handled their game against Kossa.

He felt his boys were hard done by the referee when he handed a red card to Abraham Iniga when it should have been only a yellow.

"That sending off was quite disappointing for the boys. We had to readjust our front, with only Samani playing up front. However, even with only Samani in front Kossa, defenders often were having difficulty containing him. "

The second incident according to Patrick was the goal that was disallowed in the extra time. He claimed that Osiah told him that he never even touched the ball.

"I asked him after the game and he denied redirecting it with his hands. The referee should stick to his original call instead of listening to the assistant's call."

Although Patrick was bitter about the way they went out, he was gracious in defeat. He acknowledges that sometimes things like that happen. He was instrumental in keeping the players calm even when things seemed to have gone against them. He told his players to go out there and play to their best. "My boys performed above themselves, they gave 110 percent, and I am pleased with them."

Miniti stated that they were hoping to win the tournament and if given the third shot at the O league, they will be more than ready to take on other teams.
"I have big plans for Marist; if we win and go on to represent Solomon Islands for the third time. We are looking outside, and get the boys prepared and have a shot at the money that was on offer. We felt that we will go a long way the third time, but it was not to be."

Miniti then congratulated KOSSA on winning the final and taking the opportunity to represent the country in the 2007 O league.