The newly established Solomon Islands Tourism Industry Association (SITIA) has praised the support the Ministry of Culture and Tourism had given to the re-establishment of SITIA as a "positive vision."

A statement issued by SITIA cited the Ministry's willingness to provide an office space in the Ministry for the administration of the association until a permanent office is set up as a demonstration of this support.

SITIA issued the press statement after the Director of Tourism, Mr. Barney Sivoro officially announced on behalf of the Ministry in the presence of all the tourism operators the provision of the office space to SITIA by the Ministry.

Speaking during the occasion Mr. Sivoro also said that the industry has one of the best Ministers so far in ensuring the growth and vibrancy of the Tourism industry.

"This announcement has really boosted the morale of both the executive and tourism operators to press forward in this industry," the press statement says.

The Chairman of SITIA Wilson Maelaua highly praised the Ministry for its support and is optimistic of this being the beginning of a positive partnership between the Ministry and SITIA.

In supporting the chairman's remarks, the secretary of the Association, Joyce Maetoloa also praised the Ministry and added that the trade potential of the Tourism and Crafts sector makes it as one of the viable sectors of the economy.

Mrs Maetoloa also highlighted the fact that the success of the industry depends a lot on a shared vision by both the government and private sector.

She said that the Minister for Culture and Tourism Seth Gukuna is being one of the most active Tourism ministers this country has had so far.

"His vision in promoting the industry has a lot of impact on the current developments in the industry," she said.

SITIA chairman, Mr. Maelaua told the occasion that he is optimistic about the future and reminded all operators that SITIA is for them and will endeavour to be their voice in any issue they face.

Source: National Express