A delegation from the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey is visiting Makira Ulawa Province at the invitation of the Provincial Government to discuss key MUPG land reform policies and local planning scheme for the Kirakira and Huro stations.

The delegation made a courtesy call to the Premier Hon. Julian Maka’a followed by a day-long workshop with members of the Executive and Senior Managers of the Provincial Government.

During the workshop, Deputy Secretary Technical, Robert Misimaka introduced the purpose of the proceedings and the Commissioner of Lands Alan McNeil presented the proposed amendments to the Land & Titles Act, which were well-received by Executive members and Senior Management.

The program continued for the remainder of the week and this week Physical Planners from the Ministry assisted Provincial Officials to prepare for a Local Planning Scheme for the Kirakira and Huro stations as well as potentially Namuga in Star Harbour.

This part of the program includes working with the Provincial Planning and Development Board to undertake studies of the areas and prepare the first planning scheme, including identification of boundaries of the scheme areas, the proposed zones and overlays, and to address the main land use issues and aspirations of the area.

At the conclusion of the visit, studies of the areas will be completed, which is a prerequisite in the Planning and Development Act to the preparation of the Local Planning Schemes. Work on preparing the planning schemes will then continue in Honiara in consultation with the Provincial Planning and Development Board.

The Ministry of Lands looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Makira Ulawa Province in addressing the land and planning needs of the province.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit