The Ministry of Health is now working in partnership with the Kurukuru Futsal team to promote sports through health with the theme, 'Tobacco and Sports Don't Mix'.

An official from the Ministry of Health said that they had to choose good role models for the campaign and, with their recent success and given their relative youth, the young Kurukuru Futsal team was chosen.

He added that the team members are all non smokers, even when they are at the age where peer pressure could be a problem.

The source states that the Solomon Islands is a sporting nation and "our young people are at the heart of all sports, both nationally and internationally." According to him, this makes the young Futsal team the ideal role models for rest of the young Solomon Islanders.

He stated that through the campaign those young people currently engaged in sports will not take the risk of harming their health and instead see the importance of playing sports, without substance abuse.

In addition, Kurukuru's coach, Victor Wai'ia said that he is proud that his boys are being recognized by the Ministry of Health as one of the national sports team who are good role models for young people.

He advised that to win, one must train hard to be fit and healthy, most importantly not to engage in smoking; the fastest way to affect a players' performance.