The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Meteorology says Solomon Islands can export 50 dolphins per year.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Rence Sore, says Solomon Islands quota for dolphin export was originally set at 100 per year.

He says over a one-and-half year period this quota had been closely monitored and evaluated by the Convention on International Endangered Species of Wildlife Fauna and Flora, CITES, Management Authority.

Mr Sore says the government recognises that the decision to set a cautious quota for dolphin export is a sovereign decision of Solomon Islands.

He says Solomon Islands also recognises the so-called 'good concerns' of the CITES Animals Committee on the capture and export of live dolphins from the country.

Mr Sore says it was disappointing and inappropriate for Associate Director of Earth Island Institute's International Marine Mammal Project, Mark Berman, to associate dolphin capture with tuna export.

He says Earth Islands Institute fails to recognise that dolphin has economical and cultural values to the traditional and contemporary Solomon Islands society.

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