Solomon Islanders have been assured of psychiatric services in light of growing mental illness in the country.

Speaking last Friday to mark Mental Health Day, Minister for Health Johnson Koli assured listeners that his ministry will work in the development of mental health services in the Solomon Islands, with an emphasis on community based care within a primary health care framework.

He said that the Ministry of Health will integrate mental health care with the general health care, social welfare and community programs.

He added that the Ministry will reduce individual, family and community burden associated with severe mental disorders through early identification and referral to effective treatment and rehabilitation.

"The Ministry will increase community awareness and understanding of disorders and reduce their social stigma and also promote health through collaborative sectoral and inter sectoral initiatives," the Hon. Koli stated.

The Minister for Health stated that pressure on mental health in the country is increasing.

He revealed that the government's vision for the mental health of the people was to improve greater access to specialist and primary mental health care, by inter sectoral collaboration for mental health promotion and prevention at the national, provincial and community level.