Certain health workers are reportedly charging the public for the COVID-19 vaccine, and the public is being urged to report them to the police.

The Minister of Health and Medical Services Dr. Culwick Togamana alerted the public of this illegal practice during his daily COVID-19 situation update report yesterday.

“This practice is illegal, and I would like to encourage those people that had to pay for the vaccine to come forward and report the matter to the police and health authorities so that we can take appropriate actions.

“My Ministry would like to issue a stern warning to any health worker found to be engaged in such illegal activity that you would be reported to the police for investigation,” the Health Minister warned.

He says despite such disappointing reports, vaccination continues to pick up in Honiara with more than 12,256 doses of vaccines being administered during the period from 24th January to 9th February 2022.

Of the 12,256 doses administered to date, 1,823 were booster doses, 2,493 were second doses and 7,940 were first doses.

“The current rollout strategy to the communities has shown great improvements in terms of COVID-19 safety measures, much can be attributed to the support from community leaders and members,” said Dr. Culwick Togamana.