The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade is urging the public not to capitalize on the current Labour Mobility Unit recruitment process for financial gains.

The warning came as certain individuals are using the process to charge people financial fees to upload their application documents.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade through its Labour Mobility Unit (LMU) has received more than 1,100 applicants on the first day of online/email submissions for its Work Ready Pool recruitment drive.

In a statement, MFAET said only registered business are allowed to provide such services to the public and anyone capitalizing for their own benefit is breaking the law.

Those found to be involved in such activity will be reported to the Police.

Through advice from the Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s ICT department, as much as 800 submissions were sent to a non-existent address that has the letter ‘i’’ in front instead of ‘l’ (small L).

Applicants who have used ‘i’ as the first letter in the email address are also asked to resend another email with the correct letter (l) in front of the email address.

It is advisable that email submissions contain separate files (word, PDF, JPEG, PNG) and not be compressed into a single file. Those who have submitted ZIP folder attachments are asked to resend their documents as separate files.

Those wishing to send submissions through the online link can do so by accessing this link: or email their applications to: 


Source: Press Release, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade