The low pressure system located north of Santa Cruz Islands in the Eastern part of the country has a fair chance of developing into a cyclone.

Director of the Meteorological Service David Hiriasia says based on their forecasts, the system is expected to develop within the next few days.

He says provinces likely to be affected by the system include Temotu, Malaita and Isabel.

Mr Hiriasia says the prediction is a concern to his office as it is located in the country.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Director says heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas being experienced by the Western, Isabel and Choiseul Provinces is because of another low pressure system located in the Northern Coral Seas.

Mr Hiriasia told SIBC News that although this system also has a chance of developing into a cyclone it is not as worrying as the one in the Eastern part of the country because it is quite far from the country.