The MET division has warned boat owners to cancel all operations until the weather clears.

The MET division stated this afternoon that the country will be experiencing unusually high rainfall patterns in the coming days, one that will persist over the weekend.

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings for potential disruption from both the strong winds and heavy rain.

The storm is set to deepen rapidly today, which is associated with a low located south of Guadalcanal. Heavy rain will accompany the storm, with a chance of some localised surface water flooding.

The Maritime division is currently on call 24/7, but are hoping they won't be required to launch. The operations manager stated that forecasters have given plenty of warning so hopefully people will be doing the sensible thing by staying away from the sea tonight.

“Boat owners just need to ensure that their vessels are secure and ensuring they are in a safe harbour. We would advise everyone to follow this course of action because of this severe weather warning.

''The sea is always unpredictable so it is important to always take precaution, even if rain and wind eases up later in the week.”