The Solomon Islands Met service is warning the public to be vigilant as aftershocks is likely to continue for the next few days.

The number of aftershocks will be most immediately after the occurrence of main-shock but will gradually decrease over time.

They also warn the public to only share information issued by the MET service and to not speculate or share information that are not verified.

“At the present time, we cannot predict the times Earthquakes will occur and the location of the epicenter nor the strength.

“What we are experiencing now are just aftershocks following the massive shake on Tuesday,” a statement from the MET service said.

The MET service says with the available instruments we can only detect the earthquakes location, time of occurrence, it's strength, it's depth under the surface and the distance to a town or community or an island.

“After earthquake information is received and available, the MET Office will do an assessment to see whether the country is under threat of a destructive tsunami or not.

“Appropriate Alert Levels or Warnings are then issued for islands or provinces that will be affected by possible Tsunami Waves in a timely way provided all communication lines or internet are working properly and the power is not out.”