The Solomon Islands MET service warns of strong wind and unstable weather conditions linked to an active trough south of the country.

MET warns that sea conditions will be rough, with high swells throughout most of the country. Strong winds are also forecasted, from southwest to northwest, at 20 to 25 knots.

They say such weather conditions are not suitable for sea travel, especially in small boats, and advise the general public to avoid unnecessary risk and adjust their sea travel plans.

The recent tragedy at sea resulting in the loss of 14 people, most of them children, have reignited debates as to whether the country is doing enough to prevent risky boat travels.

Just recently a youth group headed to South Malaita from Makira were standard at sea when their boat capsized. Lucky for them other boats that were also travelling in the same direction rescued them.

The Western province says they are looking into passing relevant ordinances, where possible, to manage boat movements and general safety requirements at sea. They say similar initiatives should be taken by the government, one that will have their full support.