Solomon Islands will be able to have its own war memorial to honours the services and bravery of Solomon Islands Wartime Scouts and Coast watchers along the Point Cruz Wharf area by the 7th of August this year.

Project manager for the planned monument Bruce Saunders is now calling for submission of names of those Solomon Islands wartime scouts and coast watchers.

He says that after submissions, the names will be crossed-checked and crafted onto the monument.

Mr Saunders says the prime minister and his cabinet ministers are all behind the move to establish the wartime scouts and coast watchers monument.

Meanwhile speaker of parliament Sir Peter Kenilorea, who is part of the group overseeing the project says it is important to have the country's own wartime monument alongside those of America and Japan in Honiara.

He says a local monument will create a feeling of national pride and respect for Solomon Islanders who have fought bravely for their country.

Work on research and collection of information on wartime scouts and coast watchers is underway.