Yesterday a memorial service was held at the Japanese Memorial at Mount Austin in remembrance of the Japanese soldiers who died in the country during WWII.

In attendance of the annual memorial service were a number of war veterans of World War 2, Japanese volunteers around Honiara and the Bones Mission Team.

The program included a flag raising ceremony, lying of wreaths and other traditional Japanese rituals which were performed by the war veterans.

Ms. Sayaka Kawabata from the Japanese embassy said that the ceremony held at Mount Austin was a very important occasion for them.

Meanwhile, the Bones Mission Team from Japan is still in the country undergoing their survey for Japanese soldier's remains during the WWII.

According to Ms. Kawabata, there are two survey teams within Solomon Islands to carry out the expedition.

The teams have left this morning for Malaita province to look at sites that may have remains of their WWII soldiers. They have recently arrived from the Western province doing the same thing.