The Constitutional Reform Unit in the Prime Minister's Office has released the names of people appointed for membership in the Constitutional Congress and the Elders Advisory Group.

The names of those appointed to the congress are as follows:
Tony Hughes, Ashley Wickham, Charles Levo, Abraham Baeanisia, Alice Puia, Catherine Pule, Dr Glynn Galo, Judith Fangalasu, Jenny Tuhaika, Walton Naezon, Warren Paia, Viola Malasa, Jackson Piasi, Simmy Vazarabatu, Pat Loe, Irene Vaukei, Jane Tozaka, George Saemane, Chief Dennis Lulei, Dr Alice Pollard, Hilda Kari, Fr. John Gerea, Chris Tangaraniara, Hudson Kwalea, Paul Tovua, Sir Fr. John Lapli, Clara Rebati, Roslyn Lemoba, Jack Faga, Joseph Huta, Joy Abia, Catherine Adifaka, Jonathan Angikimua, Harry Alick Walter, Phylisca Fate.

The elders appointed to the Elders Advisory Group are;
Sir Peter Kenilorea, Sir Moses Pitakaka, Sir Baddeley Devesi, Sir George Lepping Danny Philip, Ataban Tropa, James Vaukei, Clement Rojumana, Daniel Ho'ota, Joses Tuhanuku, Henry Manuhea, Rt. Rev. Lazarus Munamua, Vainga Tion, Tapualiki Samasoni, Collin Gauwana, Dr John Roughan, Sabino Jerry Josephine Kama, Nuatali Tongarutu, Mathew Quan.

The Constitutional Reform Unit says the combined effort of the congress and the elders will ensure the constitution-making process remains focused on the overall Solomon Islands community interest.

It said the membership of the congress was drawn from both Honiara and the provinces, posseses the special expertise to undertake its appointed task, gender balanced and has connections to Solomon Islands non-government organizations.
The Constitutional Reform Unit says the Elders Advisory is made up of indigenous and non-indigenous Solomon Islanders who are distinguished civil and traditional leaders in their own right.

It says the Congress is required to work closely with the elders who, with their invaluable life experiences and skills, are able to collectively bear wisdom to many issues to guide the congress in its task.

The Constitutional Reform Unit says the congress technical committees involved in drafting a new constitution will be required to have reports endorsed by the elders before submitting them to the full Congress for decision.