BEIJING, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA - The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) have concluded a week-long workshop in Beijing to raise awareness through the media about the impacts of climate change on the region.

Twenty-two Chinese broadcast journalists attended the professional development program, which was the third in a series of capacity building workshops to be held in the region this year.

The workshops are designed to provide technical training and improve the scientific knowledge of broadcast journalists in developing Asian countries reporting on climate-related issues.

It is expected that participants from the People's Republic of China and 12 other Asia-Pacific nations will generate more than 100 short television news features for national broadcast on issues such as climate proofing, disaster risk management and clean energy.

The best of the news features will be promoted and distributed to regional and international television networks.

Media play an important role in breaking down a complex scientific issue like climate change and making it accessible to the general public, says Ann Quon, Senior Director of ADB's Department of External Relations.

"Climate change is a long-term story that won't go away and affects all of us. The more we can do to help journalists understand the science and tell stories that are informed, relevant and accessible, the better informed the decision-making process on climate change issues", says Ms. Quon.

Experts from ADB and some other institutions briefed journalists about the latest climate change science and research. Issues such as climate change policy, economic and technical adaptation were also discussed.

Journalists also visited the ADB-funded Zhangbei Wind Power Project outside of Beijing.