This morning, the Solomon Islands Media were invited to the most restricted compound in the Solomon Islands- the RAMSI Base at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort.

The Media visit was hosted by the PPF Commander, Mr Dennis McDermott. According to the PPF Commander, the visit was an informal one and one to strengthen ties with the Solomon Islands Media.

Raised during discussions was the 'media ban' into the RAMSI Base during the Royal visit two weeks ago. Commander McDermott stated that there was no reason to ban the media into the compound, but that they were not aware of the media visiting the compound during the Royal tour, which was why they did not prepare passes for the media.

The issue was blamed on a misunderstanding which could have been avoided if there had been better communication between the RAMSI media and the local media group.

The visit this morning was one to strengthen such important ties with the RAMSI and to network widely between the local media as well.

Besides other discussions, Commander McDermott also gave advice to the local media group.

Commander McDermott also said that the visit was also a very good opportunity for the media to see within the RAMSI camp and how RAMSI does their work.

Solomon Times along with other journalists appreciated the visit which gave them an opportunity to clear out a misunderstanding and take onboard important advice from the PPF Commander.

The media group was then taken for a tour around the RAMSI camp after the informal meeting.