Local media in Solomon Islands are urged to work closely with the Solomon Islands Plant Parenthood Association to tackle HIV and AIDS and other sexual reproductive health issues affecting Solomon Islanders.

Speaking at a Media Advocacy Workshop yesterday, SIPPA President, Robert Chris, said that media is an important tool that has a vital role in passing information to people.

"Media is the right tool to relay the right information on the seriousness of HIV and AIDS and pass on the message on how it is transmitted," he told the workshop.

He said that HIV and AIDS affects all people and is now becoming a global concern.

Mr. Chris said that the disease is like "an octopus with branches" and many countries with high cases of HIV and AIDS are mainly due to the lack of information disemminated to people.

He urged the local media in Solomon Islands to "find ways to break the silence on HIV and AIDS."

"Media can make a big difference and also change people's lives, therefore I urge leaders in the country to treat HIV and AIDS as an issue that needs urgent action."