The New Zealand government is surprised that Solomon Islands economy appreciates at a time when most of the pacific region are struggling to get back on their feet economically.

The New Zealand Foreign Minister Murray McCully made the statement in his recent official visit to the Solomon Islands last week.

Mr McCully says, the local economy bounces back from the recent global economic recession and trekking positively.

Mr McCully says the Solomon Islands budget accounts is very encouraging. He adds that Solomon Islands is a place of real opportunity and some positive things are happening in the country.

The five percent appreciation was announced by the Minister of Finance and Treasury, Hon. Gordon Lilo Darcy.

During the announcement, Hon. Lilo said strengthening the Solomon Islands dollars will help to alleviate the pressures and adverse situation that inflation is causing to the country. He said this action is historic and necessary for the overall advancement of the country's economic development. He also said the change will benefit the rural people as there should be a marked decrease in the cost of basic goods.