Vice-President of the Media Association of Solomon Islands Douglas Marau has reminded journalists to continue to promote national unity during this current COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the opening of the COVID-19 PACMAS Awareness Training in Honiara, Mr Marau said media plays an important role in disseminating correct information during this time.

The theme of the workshop is “Staying Safe at Work”.

“We must continue to strive to disseminate information that promotes national unity and not information that will cause panic and fear amongst our people,” he said.

He said media must continue to support the Government’s core message and that is to remain united during this time.

The MASI vice-president also applauded the local media that despite the challenges faced, they have continued to carry out their work diligently.

“Without the support of the media, the Government will not be able to achieve its intended goals and I must commend all our media people for their commitment and hard work,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr Marau has also commended PACMAS for seeing it fit to organise a workshop for the local media.

He said such awareness workshops are important to prepare the mainstream media to set up systems and tools for working in isolation in the event that there is a confirmed case in Solomon Islands.

He said this would also be an opportunity to build a network between mainstream media and the key stakeholders to work effectively together.

Mr Marau adds that the report and recommendations of the workshop will be very important for MASI to see how best MASI, other stakeholders and the Government can continue to work together.

The awareness workshop brought together editors, sub editors and heads of key stakeholders including the Government Communication Unit and Ministry of Health & Medical Services.