The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) recently hosted a three (3) days session for its members.

Funded by the UNDP’s Transparency Accountability Project (TAPS), the MASI session focuses on ‘leadership development’ in the newsroom and media industry.

The UNDP’s TAPS is taking the Solomon Islands National Anti-corruption strategy as a foundation. The project aims at reducing corruption levels and its impact for the people of Solomon Islands.

Cost-shared by the government of Solomon Islands, the project supports institutional efforts to reduce corruption and develop effective, accountable, and transparent institutions at all levels to ensure effective and timely achievement of national development outcomes. It offers a platform to the private sector, civil society, and citizens to engage, innovate and hold accountable responsible parties.

Speaking at the close of the workshop, MASI president, Ms. Gina Kekea says corruption begins with the people especially people in positions of power.
She says the focus of MASI’s workshop on ’leadership development’ is timely for the media industry.

“Only by understanding ourselves will we be able to address the issue. Editors and subs are responsible for the final outcome. Therefore, they must lead in newsrooms. Decisions made by Editors and subs are sometimes difficult to make but as leaders they must take responsibility”, Ms. Kekea says.

The MASI workshop on ‘leadership development’ targets editors, sub-editors, MASI Board members and senior media practitioners.

Ms. Kekea says a research survey by SOLMAS in 2012 highlighted lack of leadership skills and management as key issues in the media industry. She says since the research was launched, nothing much has been done to address the issues mentioned in the report.

“I hope we will be able to have another leadership development session, focussing on the topic only in general for our seniors in the media industry. I wish to thank UNDP and DSE for the funding and support towards MASI for this activity”.

The workshop was divided into three sub-topics. Leadership development, leading and managing a newsroom and the board and a SWOT analysis on reporting corruption in Solomon Islands.

Presenters in the three days’ workshop includes UNDP Project Manager, Mr. Vardon Hoca, staff from the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption (SIICAC), Inclusive Mindset People’s Initiative, Chairman of the SICCI Board, journalist by profession, Mr. Johnson Honimae and MASI Board Member, Ms. Dorothy Wickham.

The outcome of the workshop will be presented in a report to the funders of the project.

Source: MASI