The Media Association of Solomon Islands (MASI) yesterday has congratulated members of the local media for their persistent coverage of the recent festival of Pacific Arts in the country.

MASI president, George Herming said in a statement that the local media has done a tremendous job in informing the entire nation and the world about the festival.

He said not every Solomon Islander has the opportunity to take part or travel to Honiara and other satellite venues around the country to celebrate the festival.
However, Mr Herming said many have followed the festival through media coverage in newspapers, radio, television and the internet.

President Herming said the role that the media has played will be useful for future referencing since reports, pictures and broadcasts will be documented as a reminder for our future generations to appreciate.

During the festival, local journalists, photographers, radio and TV presenters really commit themselves to ensure our nation was informed of the festival celebration.

President Herming said the tireless efforts of our local media also contribute to the promotion of Solomon Islands as a culturally diverse and peaceful country to the outside world.

He also thanked members of the regional and international media for expanding the festival coverage to their international audiences during the last two weeks of cultural fiesta.

Source: Press Release, MASI