The Honiara Central Market Vendors Associations (HCMVA) is looking at creating a mobile delivery system for vendors at the Central Market should there be a locked down.

President of HCMVA, Moreen Sarika suggested that a plan be implemented ahead of any possible outbreak of COVID19. She says that it is important to both vendors and the people of Honiara that access to healthy local food is maintained.

“I believe that Central Market is a home garden to the city and once it is lock down there is no other way we can get local food…that is why we came up with idea and will discuss with the Honiara City Council,” Sarika explained.

She says that they are prioritizing Guadalcanal local famers and suggests that in the event of a lock down pick up points should be arranged to reduce movement.

She added that they have spoken to local farmers and they are supportive of the idea of creating a way in which they can still supply fresh produce to the city once it is lock down.

“We have interviewed and have gotten all contacts of the famers in Guadalcanal, most of the famers are very happy to be part of this mobile circulation plan.

“Food can be a problem if we lose the Central Market, and I think those in authority recognize that” Ms. Sarika said.

She states that the Association is having a meeting today to look at the mobile circulation plan before the council could have a look at it.