The race for the third position now has two clear contenders; Marist and Kossa.

Of all the teams that felt they have some slim chances of making the third position, Marist is the clear favorite to grab the position. There is no contest for the first position; if Makuru wins its last league games then teams will only have to compete for the second and third position on the table. In fact for the second position, Marist will have to beat Koloale to finish with 50 points. That could also be true for Koloale. If one team losses then it will end up with 47, then one will take the second and the other third. If then, we are likely to have, Makuru, Koloale and Marist representing Honiara in the up and coming Club Championship.

However, if Marist drops two games and Kossa wins its two remaining games then Kossa FC will take the third position. As it is, Marist has four games remaining. It will need to at least win three of those games to secure the third position. Kossa may complete its two games earlier than Marist and will have to play the waiting game. They will relay on teams like Naha, Mars, Koloale and Las United to beat Marist to keep their hopes high.

Kossa's coach, Jacob Moli was disappointed to be in this position of having to wait for the results of other teams. He felt that they lost too many easy games in the first round where they could have easily won.
"The five losses we had, was from the first round. We could not put together our first eleven on a consistent basis. Now we seem to identify our first eleven and since then we have been wining. The beach world cup too took away some of our players", said Moli.

The coach was right; Kossa has never lost any game in the second round and are impressive coming into the end of the season by thrashing Makuru 6 - 1. When the news of the win came out, fans could not believe what they hear. But yes, Kossa is on an impressive run; however, one team stands between them and the all important third position, Marist. They will need luck or God to be on their side for Marist to loose their two remaining games.

However, the difference is, Marist's destiny is in its own hands, while Kossa can not do much but have to play the waiting game.