Marist narrowly won their match against a strong Sipa side of RenBel, that mounted an offensive almost equal to their opponent's.

The 3 - 2 score summed up the match which saw the 2 teams share equal possession and time in opponent's half.

Marist came into the match on the back of 2 defeats and 1 draw and needed a win to salvage their chances of making it into the quarter finals of the Our Telekom National Club Championship.

The first goal of the match came at 3 minutes after kick off. Patrick Eric capitalized on his speed against the Sipa defenders to score Marist's first of the game.

Soon after Marist's goal it became apparent that Sipa were not going to hand over the game to their opponents on a platter. Marist had to fight for every inch that it gained and scramble for defence when Sipa broke through their lines with aerial balls.

In the 20th minute Alfred Pamoana received a lofted pass just outside the Marist 18 yard box which he tipped up before walloping it into the back of the net. Five (5) minutes later Paul Oscar gave Sipa the lead with his goal.

Behind in the game Marist struggled to level terms with Sipa. Another 12 uncertain minutes passed before Marist were able to score. Elliot Ragomo who had been the workhorse in the game fired in from outside the 18 yard box to bring Marist to 2 - 2.

The score line remained until halftime.

In the second half Marist upped the pressure on Sipa as they looked for the winner. Playing against tiring opponents this seemed like an easy task but Sipa were tough in one on one situations and managed to keep Marist frustrated.

However, with the kind of pressure Marist was applying it was only a matter of time before they scored.

Fortunately, for the Patrick Miniti coached side they were able to do just that in the 64th minute when Ben Hibiscus' shot beat Greezer Pongi to edge Marist to 3 - 2 in front.

Despite efforts from both sides to score more neither was successful and Marist were happy to keep their lead of 3 - 2 to win the game.

This is Marist's final pool match and they move to third in the Group A table with 4 points. Marist still have a mathematical chance of making it into the quarter finals if results of matches in their group and from Group B and Group C are in their favour.