Head of Marine Search and Rescue Jack Bana says people who are travelling between islands after the festive season should think first about the safety of their families and themselves whilst travelling at sea.

Speaking to SIBC News, Mr Bana says it's been difficult trying to get the travelling public to be conscious about their safety in the festive season.

Mr Bana says operation safe boat which is being mounted by Police and the Marine Search and Rescue has came across a lot of people who's only aim is to get to their destination.

He says the operation has stopped several boat load of people and cargo from sailing due to over-loading.

Mr Bana says they had to make sure ships travel with the right amount of passenger and cargo.

He says although operation safe-boat is not 100 percent successful, they have tried their best to help people avoid dangerous trips.

Mr Bana says operation safe boat continues this month until the travelling public returns to their usual place of residence.