A man is in police custody after he attacked an elderly woman and her daughter over the weekend.

Reports from Tingoa, Rennell, stated that an elderly women and her daughter were brutally attacked with a bush knife.

“The issue is logging related, the victim’s family are a major party to a logging concession in the South Eastern part of West Rennell,” a source close to the family revealed.

“The man is part of a small group with a logging concession that appears to encroach into the victim’s area.”

It is understood the dispute over these concession areas has gone as far as the High Court, but a decision has been pending to this day.

The elderly woman is currently being monitored in hospital, while her daughter is slowly recovering from several deep cuts to her arm, chin and head.

“This is unfortunate and I blame this on how logging concessions are being given, and also on the delays in court cases related to these areas,” a source familiar with logging related cases in Rennell stated.

“There are many such cases before the courts, but it is taking a long time for decisions to be made, some have been there for close to two years.”

He says that similar violent incidents will happen if such cases are not handled quickly once it reaches the courts.

“Such infighting is becoming worse and more violent so these matter that must be dealt with urgently when they reach the courts.”

Villagers commended the actions of the Police in quelling tensions in the area.