The new Malaysian High Commissioner to Solomon Islands has presented his letters of credence to the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui in Honiara yesterday.

His Excellency Jilid Kuminding who is based in Papua New Guinea replaces former High Commissioner Her Excellency Datin Seri Blanche Olbery.

High Commissioner Kuminding said Malaysia and Solomon Islands continue to enjoy warm and close friendship based on mutual respect and cooperation since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1998.

He said the two countries belong to the Asia-Pacific region which share common ideals and aspirations.

He added that the friendship between the two countries have been nurtured and strengthened through years of common membership at the United Nations and the Commonwealth.

The Malaysian envoy highlighted that in view of global economic trends – where interconnectivity among countries transcends beyond borders, it is important for developing countries to establish greater cooperation in order to create a strong foundation in the international arena and jointly address cross cutting challenges.

“In this regard, Malaysia is supportive of the Government of Solomon Islands aspiration to strengthen ties and deepen cooperation for mutual benefits with Malaysia,” High Commissioner Kuminding said.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui welcomed the Malaysian envoy to Solomon Islands and expressed sincere condolences over the loss of lives in accidents involving of two Malaysian Airlines planes recently.

“We are sad at the loss of lives and property in respect of Flight MH370 and Flight MH 17. We share with the people of Malaysia in their sadness and loss over these two tragic events in your aviation history,” Sir Frank said.

Sir Frank said Solomon Islands appreciate the assistance that Malaysia has rendered to Solomon Islands under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Program (MTCP).

He added that the recent opening of Solomon Islands diplomatic mission in Kuala Lumpur will enhance channels for connectivity between the two countries which is important for the development of our economies, human resources and other areas of need.

Sir Frank reiterated that Solomon Islands will continue to support Malaysia in ensuring that human rights are respected, peace and security in the world are attended to and the rule of law is upheld.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit