The number of Malaria cases per year in Solomon Islands has dropped - according to the Director of Vector-borne disease control program, Albinio Bobogari.

Mr Bobogari told SIBC News the country has made significant improvements in the fight against Malaria, since the ethnic tension period.

He says this improvement is the result of effective and cooperative work of the ministry of health, NGOs and communities throughout the country.

Mr Bobogari however says the main challenge in reducing the incidences of Malaria is the existence of Malaria mosquitoes in the country.

World Malaria day was celebrated last Friday in Solomon Islands.

Health officials used the day to tell people about the causes, symptoms and health effects of Malaria and what they can do to reduce it.

The World Health Organisation first introduced World Malaria day in Africa in the early 1990's.

Later the United Nations took the responsibility in making the Africa malaria day an international occasion involving UN member countries around the world.