Leaders of Malaita Province have expressed their disagreement with the country adopting a Federal system of government and have instead opted for Independence.

Malaita Premier Richard Irosaea told SIBC News that the provincial leaders made the resolution two weeks ago having read and deliberated on the 2009 Draft Federal Constitution of Solomon Islands.

He says the leaders acknowledged the efforts by the Constitutional Congress and the Eminent Persons Group in putting the document in place.

Mr Irosaea says the leaders also noted that the conclusions of the 2004 Malaita Leaders Summit on Independence for Malaita are not reflected in the 2009 Draft Federal Constitution.

He says the leaders agreed that the document is "perfect for Solomon Islands, except Malaita."

Mr Irosaea says Malaita leaders disagree with the state government system because it would be too expensive to run and it is simply "a system we do not believe in."

He says Malaita leaders believe that the Province would be better off, standing by itself and determining its own future.