East Malaita landowners have become the first group in Solomon Islands to offer their land to the Government to develop Economic Growth Centres.

In a ceremony at the Cabinet Office last week, Chief Michael Kai'oloa presented the Prime Minister with a consent report containing detailed evidence of the agreement by landowners in Faumamanu.

In his address, Mr Philip described the event as a "momentous occasion". He stated that the offer by the Faumamanu landowners is a testimony to the goodwill of expression by communities in Malaita.

Prime Minister Philip said that the offer by the landowners of Faumamanu is pivotal for the Government's Growth Centre Policy as it will encourage other groups to do the same.

Mr Philip thanked the people of Faumamanu for their support and the Deputy Prime Minister and MP for East Malaita Manasseh Maelanga for coordinating his people in their work and consultations on the proposal.