“Powers given to the people must be honored and celebrated with pride”, says Malaita Premier, Daniel Suidani.

Malaita province, the most populous and one of the biggest of the nine provinces in the country marks its second appointed day on 15th August.

This year marks 37 years since the province established its local Provincial Government.

"Second Appointed Day marks the powers that have been given to the good people of this land and it is a time that we must celebrate the ownership that has been with us for 37 years”, Suidani says.

This year is the second provincial day he hosted as premier of Malaita. Suidani took up the leadership helm in June 2019.

"Most times we celebrate with special and unique activities and entertainment. We forgot the creator and maker of our universe. Today I am glad that we started this commemoration with a day of prayer”, Suidani says.

He also says church leaders, elders and chiefs around Malaita were invited to be part of the official guest list. Suidani says mostly invites were given to those in higher ranks in offices.

“This year my government has given the opportunity to the good people in the rural areas”, he says.

He adds if development was truly for the people, ownership of the event should be placed for the people.

"Remember that development would be for the rural people. I believe that by involving them, it will make our province better”, Suidani says.

He says this approach is what his government is promoting.

"Whatever development or aspiration for the province, 80 percent will go straight to the rural people of this province. This is to make sure they are part of the development because this development belongs to the rural people," Suidani says.

Currently the Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) provincial government is working on a development strategy plan. The strategy plan will be until 2050.

On a final note, Suidani acknowledges the contributions made by the forefathers of Malaita.

“For their role in building Malaita to what it is now”, he says.

He encourages all Malaitans to work together and live like the old people did. This was to look after and enjoy the resources they have today.

He says his government is for the spirit of togetherness. He calls on the people of Malaita to remain united so that their province can be developed further.

"It is the time that we must think strategically for the betterment of our motherland. It's time that we should work together and develop our province so our good people can enjoy it. I want the Malaita people to feel free and do what they want to capture the livelihood right down to village level," Suidani says.