The Honiara City Council Clerk describes the Council's visit to Malaita Province as "a very successful one".

It was reported that the trip was designed for the Council Executive to hold meetings with the Malaita Provincial Government.

Speaking to Solomon Times, Joseph Huta said that the Malaita Provincial Government has approved the ideas and issues that have been raised.

Mr. Huta said that the main focus is the development of commercial centres in parts of Malaita to decrease disperse of people every where.

"There were discussions that could only be effective in Malaita with combined efforts in order to achieve all that has been raised in the meeting," the City Clerk said.

He said that Malaita was picked as first rural place of meeting "because the majority of people we have in town are Malaitans and the Council is trying to discourage them on urban drift by improving and creating jobs for them in the province".

A communiqué was signed between the Malaita Premier, Richard Irosaea and the City Council Mayor last Friday.

The communiqué will be discussed together with various ministries responsible for developments, which will then be handed over to Cabinet to decide on.