Malaita Province has come out in full force to the Provincial Capital of Auki, over the week, following the 25th Anniversary of the Malaita Second Appointed Day on Friday the 15th.

On the eve of their Anniversary, the Deputy Provincial Secretary and the Chairman of the organizing committee for events in Auki, Robert Kaua, calls on the people of Malaita for their continuous co-operation with the Provincial Government for a successful celebration.

The theme for this years Anniversary is "Malaita Then and Now" on which the Malaita Provincial Government is hoping the people of Malaita will work with them to design a new future for the Province.

"We want to pose questions on our people, especially the youths, on the type of future they would like. Come forward and let us together design the future. Let us all come out from the old mentality and look forward with hope for a better destiny where it is brighter for our young generations," says Mr. Kaua.

"Malaitans need to take stock of what had happened in the past 25 years for the province and in the last 30 years as a nation and then ask ourselves where the province can go from here," he adds.

Meanwhile, the Malaita Provincial Police Commander, Chief Superintendent, David Diosi has praised the people attending the celebrations in Auki for their excellent behavior and continuously ask for their support.

Mr. Diosi also praised church and community leaders for helping to shape the peaceful celebrations by involving youths and adults in educational and religious rallies.

Additional police officers will be on duty on Friday during the Second Appointed Day celebrations to ensure the public continuously maintain their good behavior.

Celebrations for the Anniversary began on Sunday the 10th with a church service and then continued over the week with sporting and other activities. Besides the celebrations in Auki, centres around the Province will also be organizing events to join in the celebrations.