The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) has reaffirmed its commitment to support the growth of the country’s economy through partnership.

Minister for MAL Hon. Minister, Senley Levi Filualea, MP, stated the commitment in his 42nd Independence Anniversary congratulatory message last week.

“MAL is committed to support the growth of our economy through partnership with you and this is a commitment that we can only deliver with your support and dedication. Let us be more determined than ever before to work harder.”

Hon. Minister Filualea said that undertaking farming is a worthy profession as it offers a secured future if you chose that path.

“We (MAL) are here to support you secure that future for you and your children. We are committed to nurture agriculture entrepreneurs who will change the way we do agriculture undertaking in this country of ours by investing in commercial agriculture and livestock development because by this we can create more jobs, harness trade and market opportunities, improve the lives of our people and build a stronger economy than it is today,” he emphasised.

Meanwhile, on Covid-19, Minister Filualea said the country is going through tough times due to the pandemic that is causing death and starvation globally.

“Many people are now without jobs due to the impacts of this COVID-19 and there is much fear of starvation but know that our food and livelihood is secured in the vast land we own. Our sustenance lies on the natural resources our country is blessed with.

“MAL believes that we can make it through these tough times if we go back and cultivate our land. The richness of our land and sea resources is our food and livelihood assurances and security. Let us go back therefore and toil the land,” he added.

In May 2020 the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock signed an exciting project worth SBD2.4million dollar with Food Works Supplies Ltd for hatchery and feed mill services.

Following that millstone realization to improve and lead agriculture development in the country, the Ministry (MAL) again sealed another SBD 2.7 million funding agreement with the management of SAPE Farm representative Dr. Paul Bosawai Popora as the first partner to support the government with the priority objective to improve and increase local food production to guarantee the country have the capability to survive looming food shortage in such trying times.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock vision is to develop cassava into an industry like cocoa and coconut.

“There is so much opportunities in this crop. Besides plans to export and local consumption, the cassava will be farmed as feed crop for local feed production program MAL plans to also roll out soon. As long as there is increase in livestock, there will be huge demand for this crop. Good thing is that it can be easily grown anywhere therefore offers an income generating opportunity for our people.”

The Permanent Secretary said it is an exciting program as she looking forward to.
During the Sape Farm launching ceremony two weeks ago, the Permanent Secretary said that “while the government may have funds to support our people participate in agriculture undertakings, most importantly is finding the right partner who can deliver, someone who is committed to make it work for themselves and this country”.

She urges all recipients of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock funding support to be committed to what they say they will deliver.

Permanent Secretary for MAL Mrs. Ethel Frances earlier said that she wants to see more local meat products in shops around the country and local food production is improved.

The PS believes we can do it because if other counries agriculture sector can thrive so can we, but, we need a change in the way we see government support as not just a project but a national investment that it is channelled through each Solomon Islanders.

Mrs. Frances then thanked the national government for its continuous support towards MAL national undertakings.

Source: MAL Media Release