The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) through its Livestock Department has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Solomon Islands Pig Farmers Association (SIPFA) on 4th August 2021 towards development of the country’s pig industry.

Permanent Secretary Ethel Tebengi Frances signed on behalf of MAL while John Kwaita who is the Chairman of SIPFA signed on behalf of the association members.

The MoU formalized the willingness of MAL to allow SIPFA to use and rent a portion of its (MAL) property or land known as the Honey House near Burns Creek in East Honiara for the purpose of selling and distribution of stockfeed to pig farmers in Honiara and the provinces, in support of developing the pig and pork industries.

Chairman of SIPFA John Kwaita said quality Stockfeed has always been the biggest challenge for the Piggery and Poultry industry in the county. The availability and affordability of quality Stockfeed for the local livestock industry is key to the success of this industry in the country.

“Therefore the signing of this MOU between MAL and SIPFA for the lease of MAL Property at the Burnscreek Honey Association site is a step into the right direction. With a further support from the government, we are anticipating the establishment of a proper shed for the production of Stockfeed for Piggery which will benefit all our Association members and many more local farmers across the country,” Mr. Kwaita said.

Mr. Kwaita on behalf of SIPFA members acknowledged and thanked MAL for the support towards setting up of this very important component of Piggery Industry in the country, and for their (MAL) continuous support to Livestock Industry in Solomon Islands.

MAL through its Livestock Department congratulated SIPFA’s for the partnership and looks forward to working closely with SIPFA for the development of livestock industry across the country.

Source: MAL Media