The dispute between Makuru and SIFF had taken another twist lately. Makuru had applied to the High court to make a ruling on its eligibility to participate in the recent Club Championship.

A source closely associated with the Makuru team said that Makuru's management felt that since they topped the HFA DJ League 2006 they, therefore, are the rightful winner of the league. "As winner of the league we therefore have the right to represent Honiara."

Makuru's recent action is to ask the court to make a decision on the actions of SIFF which led to their disqualification.

SIFF earlier had told Makuru that they would be eligible to participate if they withdraw the court proceeding and begin paying up part of their bills. Makuru had done this prior to the tournament. However, in the last minute, SIFF changed its mind and upheld its earlier ruling.

The late changes had angered Makuru management who felt that SIFF and its supporters were not being truthful about many things they have discussed.

Makuru, in taking the mother body to court, is in risk of breaching FIFA statues that prevent club affiliates from taking the mother body to court.