The Government of Makira Ulawa Province, Solomon Islands is now in the process of deliberating a law on the preservation of culture.

The Provincial Minister for Tourism and Culture in Makira Ulawa Province, Martin Karani made the remarks during a farewell function held for Makira Ulawa contingent who took part in the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts on Sunday.

The provincial Tourism and Culture Minister says this means that it will become an offence for anyone who will buy carvings or any cultural item once the provincial government pass the ordinance or law.

He says they have already finalised that with the Attorney General Chambers, saying this is done to promote their culture.

Mr Karani says the only way to compete in today's economic world is through culture.

"You go into forestry, fishing or mining, we cannot compete with other countries. They are so rich, in our commercial crops, coconut and cocoa, that is why their prices fluctuate. Why? Because we have competitors. But no body will compete with us in culture and that is the vision we have to promote culture so that it starts to earn money."