Real musicians study music and attend the most expensive music school but this is not the case for Solomon Islanders who are in the music industry.

Solomon Islanders instead have their own way of creating their music and this is far from reading music to create tunes and lyrics.

"We just create our tunes according to what goes in our head, and with a touch of influence from the music of the Western world," Eljim Riria told Solomon Times.

Mr. Riria who recently arrived from the States said that music comes naturally, adding that "while in the States, making and reading music was a totally new thing for me".

"The people in the States find it amusing on how I am hooked on playing and making music without the need to read musical notes," he said.

Mr. Riria said that his exposure to more talented and educated musicians made him realize just how naturally talented the locals are.

"Solomon Islanders should be proud of the fact that they have natural skills, the know-how and values of making music," he said.

Solomon Times spoke to Nathan, a member of the local band, 'Lite Life', who said that playing tunes out of the top of your head is much easier than reading it.

"Personally I feel it is good, the way we have been brought up to understand music. It is from the heart that we play," said Nathan.

He described the natural musical talent of the locals as "a bit extraordinary, odd and different" putting together songs without the need to study and read musical notes.

"Not being able to read music may have its own disadvantages for us, yet, for us the local musicians, learning new things like reading music is something we wouldn't mind trying," Nathan added.