Solomon Water is pleased to announce that tenders are being invited for the construction of the Kongulai Water Treatment Plant and Pipeline Project.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and World Bank (WB) have approved financing for the cost of this very important project for Honiara.

The project works will include major earthworks for the site and upgrading of the access road, a raw water pipeline and pump station, a 15 Million litre per day water treatment plant, a reservoir, sludge treatment ponds, a treated water pump station, and pipeline to the Tasahe reservoirs.

The contract also includes operating the plant and training Solomon Water operators for a minimum of 12 months post-commissioning.

Bidding is open to interested and capable contractors from eligible source countries of ADB and the deadline for submission of tenders is 8 February 2021.

The plant will enable Solomon Water to treat dirt laden water caused through illegal and unmanaged logging in the water catchment and ensure 24 / 7 operation of water supply to Honiara from Kongulai. Ongoing shutdowns of the Kongulai water supply affecting thousands of Honiara residents will stop.

CEO Ian Gooden said that “We first started to work on this plant back in 2017 when we saw the first effects of logging on the water source, which had previously always been quite clean. It is a complex and difficult project and we have also had to relocate several families to make space for the plant. We thank them for their cooperation and support for this project”.

Solomon Water Chairman Carson Korowa said “We are thrilled to finally get this major project to the market. It is certainly the largest project ever built by Solomon Water and will significantly improve the continuity and quality of our water supply. This project when completed will deliver clean water, treated to WHO standards to Honiara residents and businesses without interruption due to logging in the water catchment areas. We acknowledge the landowners who lived in the project area for their willingness to relocate from the project site”.

Construction should commence in May 2021 and completion is scheduled for December 2022. Solomon Water is also building a new reservoir at Tasahe and upgrading the White River bore field under separate projects to assist with supply of clean water to Honiara. The White River project should be commissioned in February 2021 and will provide an extra 2 million litres of water per day. Solomon Water – we are with you in improving our future.

Source: Solomon Water Press Release