The Honiara City Clean-Up Day pulled together residents from all walks of life to help towards a major clean-up day.

Braving the heat and dust, people of all ages and different walks of life took to the street, leaving their premises and workplaces to stand hand-in-hand in what is described as the most successful clean-up campaign in the capital.

Distribution of gloves and five thousand plastic bags gave an added boost to locals who, together with RAMSI personnel and foreigners based in Honiara, lined the capital city as far as the east down to the western part of the town boundary.

"It's quite an emotional moment for me because over the past two and a half years I have worked in the Solomons, today is a true demonstration of community pride, and the most successful clean up campaign," a RAMSI personnel, Mick Spinks said.

RAMSI and local police officers took to the street in uniform with gloves and plastic bags at hand, standing alongside residents of Honiara in the major clean-up day.

Honiara City Council (HCC) Chairman and Councilor Rove Lengakiki, Tom Lolemae, said that the aims and objectives of the declaration is to maintain the standard of cleanliness and beautification of Honiara to a presentable and sustainable level.

"Honiara has a rapid growing urbanized population, and the growth of industries and residential areas have reached unprecedented level," Mr. Lolemae said.

He added that with the population, the need for better services, the requirement for foreign investment in the country, and the need for a clean environment will necessitate policies to ensure Honiara remains a clean and healthy city.