Solomon Islands Acting Prime Minister Honorable Manasseh Maelanga has sent greetings to all participating Forum Island Countries of the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) on the Mission’s 11th Anniversary.

The Mission landed on the shores of Solomon Islands on 24 July 2003 on the invitation of the Solomon Islands Parliament to restore law and order following years of tensions between militant groups.

In his message to the Mission, Hon. Maelanga said the mission has made remarkable progress in bringing back law and order to Solomon Islands and today it has continued to do so in other sectors of Government and the society as whole.

He said many Solomon Islanders have witnessed and enjoyed peace and normalcy as the Mission continues to provide an enabling environment for all citizens of Solomon Islands to go on with their day to day activities in view of the many challenges that the country has encountered.

“On this occasion, I would like to re-affirm Solomon Islands resolute commitment towards the ongoing partnership between the Government and RAMSI during this transition period up to 2017”.

“I am proud to say that RAMSI is not only a law and order Mission but it is also a strong development partner of Solomon Islands and it is my conviction that this cordial friendship will continue to be strengthened during this transition period and will be long remembered when the mission completes its job,” Hon. Maelanga said.

The Acting Prime Minister thanked the Governments and people of all Forum Islands Countries and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) for their contributions to the stability and growth of Solomon Islands through RAMSI, in Public Sector Management, Infrastructure Development, Economic and Productive Sector development, the Social Sector and other areas of community development in our beloved Solomon Islands.

“The Solomon Islands Government will continue to work closely with the Pacific Islands Forum and its member Governments as we all strive to build our country in these challenging times,” he added.


Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit