It is apparent from the school visitation programme that most schools are placing low priority on physical education.

Students of most schools visited say they hardly play any sport in their schools and were excited that SIFF's football outreach programme enables them to at least have a chance to kick the ball.

"Mi fala hapi tumas bikos mi fala garem sans fo plei." (We're happy because we have chance to play.)

Yesterday, the outreach team visited two schools Florence Young and Tuvaruhi. Today, the team will visit Mt Horab on the foot of Mount Austin and Mbua Valley.

All the schools have expressed the gratitude to SIFF and in particular the SIFF Womens Development officer for taking time out to reach out to the schools.

A grade six teacher at Florence Young School, Jimmy Riunga said his students really enjoyed the programme though it was brief.

"We definitely would like to have you back at our school," he says.

A similar comment was also uttered by Tuvaruhu Primary School Sports Master Alick Buga who says he would consider organizing small competitions for his students after the programme.

According to Ms Justus, there will be two separate sessions at Bishop Epalle grades 3 and 4 from 10-11am and grade 5 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm before she movs on to Tuvaruhu for the final session in the afternoon.