Three men in their thirties, who had spent the past eight days at sea, have been rescued by an Asian fishing boat. They are reportedly in good health and are said to be happy to be back with their families.

The three men, all from Temotu Province, went out on fishing trip and experienced engine problems. The trio quickly became standard and could not make it back in land when the weather also turned cloudy and rough.

Police were told that the men decided to put up a plastic sail and follow the current and wind till they came to a long line fishing net that they decided to hang on to it and were later rescued.

Temotu Police Commander Superintendent Sterry Lenny, whilst commending the rescued men, said the three men are very lucky to be in a spot of a destined fishing boat.
"These stranded people from Temotu would have had more problems if the weather and seas were rougher," he said.

"This incident serves as a big reminder for anyone traveling across water to make sure they have adequate supplies of fuel, water, and food. Safety equipment such as life jackets, compass, flares, and marine radios are also essential," he said.