People from Luaniua and Palau are calling for shutdown of the borders between Tasman Island in PNG and their remote outer islands.

Chief Peter Kakali says this is because of the threat of COVID-19.

Chiefs and elders of both islands have been planning to take measures prior to any outbreak.

They say securities should be provided to monitor traveling between Tasman Islands, Lord Howe and Ontong Java.

Chief Peter Kakali said this must be done as a first step to prevent the spread of COVID-19 since they share a common border with Papua New Guinea.

He added his people are also taking responsibility in making sure local villagers do not travel to the neighbouring PNG without permission.

“We call for this strong border security because we are the only remote islands that benefit mostly from our relationship with those of Tasman. Our people travel frequently and this to me is a high risk to the COVID-19”, he said.

“I strongly recommend that the government of the day should take a good look at this matter and see what needs to be done to assist us in this matter”, he said.

Meanwhile Royal Solomon Ialnds Police Force (RSIPF) is working closely with the people of both islands to addresses the border issue.

PNG recently recorded its second confirmed case of COVID-19. The 40 year old women is a resident of Kokopo in East New Britain Province. Reports from Loop PNG say she is kept in isolation while her village in on lockdown.