Looters have regrouped and are now heading towards point cruz from East Honiara.

They leave in their wake a trail of destruction - looted shops, burnt buildings and schools torched to the ground.

Reports say the group are streaming into town from the fringe settlements outside of Central and East Honiara.

Police are manning critical infrastructure, including the hospital and government buildings. It is obvious resources are stretched, with police calling on community leaders to help control youths in their community.

Reports are also emerging that a group, said to be protestors, are marching towards the Honiara city council area, demanding a meeting with the Prime Minister.

The lockdown is affecting law abiding citizens - although it appears rules are being relaxed in some areas, with markets and some shops in West Honiara said to be open.

There are reports that residents in some areas are without water and basic necessities, but are too scared to venture out of their homes because of the lockdown and rioters running amok in town.

We are clearly in a state of emergency, but not a public health emergency - our protocols for a general lock down were designed for a public health emergency, not for riots and anarchy.

Our resources and laws are stretched, and government needs to admit that we need outside help. Honiara is under siege.